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We defend real estate brokers with prompt, thorough, and experienced guidance.

Protecting Your License and Your Reputation

Real estate brokers are passionate about their work. Helping people buy and sell homes can be exciting and fulfilling, but allegations of improper behavior, fraud, or negligence can quickly ruin a reputation and make it difficult to continue in the real estate industry.

Contact The Brown Envelope Attorney right away if you face the loss or suspension of your real estate broker’s license. We represent real estate brokers in North Carolina believed to have violated the License Law and Rules of the Real Estate Commission, supporting them as the formal complaint is investigated as part of the disciplinary process.

Real Estate

Defend yourself before the Real Estate Commission with the insights and experience of a real estate attorney.

Real Estate
Brown Envelope

When you received a brown envelope from the Real Estate Commission that spurs an investigation into your role as a real estate broker, we can help.

Real Estate
Commission Complaint

We defend brokers when a real estate commission complaint threatens their reputation and livelihood.

Licensed Real Estate Broker

From simple mistakes to complex disputes, we know that any claim made to the Real Estate Commission has the potential to harm your career and your reputation. Experience is key in situations like this and having someone represent you who understands what it is like to be a broker is crucial. Our head attorney not only understands the legalese but is an active real estate broker himself and can empathize with the practical things you deal with.

Why should I hire an attorney?
Experience is key when defending yourself against the Real Estate Commission. Having someone who understands what it is like to be a broker is also important. No transaction is straightforward – there are always difficulties and gray areas you have to manage to make sure every transaction goes through successfully.
Is it worth it to not have an attorney represent you?
When your real estate license is at risk, we are here to help you navigate the ensuing process.
What are your fees?
Our fees vary based on a number of factors. Please contact us for fee information.
What is the first step to hire you to represent me?
The first step in the process is for you to sit down with us and discuss the contents of the brown envelope and how it could impact you and your real estate career in North Carolina. Set up a meeting with our firm today by contacting us directly.

What Our Clients Say

“Excellent work Mr. Justin Ckezepis and staff.”

-Steven E.

“Amazing resource for all things real estate and one of my go tos for closings!”

-Liz K.

“Great people, very professional and timely work. Really appreciated them. Highly recommended! Thank you.”

– Jenny R.

“Excellent work Mr. Justin Ckezepis and staff.”

-Steven E.

Let Us Help You

The defense process starts by meeting with our legal team to review and discuss the complaint with you. We want to make sure you feel like you are heard and want to impress upon you that we are on your side every step of the way. To set up a meeting with us or to discuss a claim that threatens your career as a broker, contact us today.