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We support brokers being investigated by the Real Estate Commission.

As a real estate broker, you never want to receive a complaint from the Real Estate Commission. If you recently received a letter from the Commission regarding an alleged violation of certain rules or license laws, you may feel uncertain about what steps to take next as well as what the procedures are and what the results could look like.

About The Brown Envelope Attorney, North Carolina

At this point, hiring an attorney should be your next action. The Brown Envelope Attorney represents brokers in North Carolina facing complaints filed with the North Carolian Real Estate Commission involving misconduct, fraud, or negligence. Our head attorney is a real estate broker, too, so he understands the legal aspect of your claim as well as what is at stake for your career and reputation as a broker.

Our role is to work hard to establish a fair or favorable outcome for you as you fight these claims and attempt to prevent any loss or suspension of your broker’s license. We want you to feel heard throughout this process, so we encourage you to contact us at any point with questions or concerns.

The first step in this process is to sit down with us and talk about the claims against you. We will then devise a strategy that represents your interests and help you understand what actions to take next. Schedule this consultation with us today by contacting our law firm.