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If you have received a real estate commission complaint, contact us for legal representation and support.

Whether you are a brand-new real estate broker or have years of experience under your belt, finding out that you have a real estate commission complaint about a recent transaction or complication can be a frightening and disheartening experience. The official notification of a real estate commission complaint usually arrives in a brown envelope, which is why we are called “The Brown Envelope Attorney” – we focus on handling legal representation for real estate agents and brokers.

Real Estate Commission Complaint in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you have received a real estate commission complaint, don’t wait to contact us. Schedule an appointment where we can sit down and discuss the contents of your brown envelope. Generally, these will include a copy of the formal complaint, any documentation that was submitted with the complaint, and a letter of inquiry that requires your response within 14 days of receipt unless you file for an extension. We can discuss how this process will potentially impact you and your career, and we will work hard to represent your interests and protect you from unnecessary consequences.

Our head attorney is a licensed broker, and we have extensive experience with the process associated with formal complaints against real estate agents. The real estate commission sets forth a rigid set of standards, and failing to meet those standards and follow the rules can result in disciplinary action, monetary penalties, and even the suspension or revocation of your real estate broker license. We understand that real estate transactions get complicated at times and gray areas emerge. We will do our utmost to help you protect your reputation, your career, and your license. Contact us now if you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and have received a real estate commission complaint.

At The Brown Envelope Attorney, we can help with real estate commission complaints in North Carolina, including Huntersville, Concord, Charlotte, Mooresville, Cornelius, Denver, and Waxhaw.