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Let us represent you after you receive a formal complaint.

In North Carolina, real estate brokers must adhere to a rigid set of standards set forth by the Real Estate Commission. If you do not comply with these standards, you could face disciplinary action and penalties, including the suspension or revocation of your real estate license.

Real Estate Commission Complaint in North Carolina

With years of legal experience, The Brown Envelope Attorney can provide strategic, sound representation when you face disciplinary proceedings following a formal Real Estate Commission complaint. We are sensitive to real estate professionals facing disciplinary matters, and we always focus on protecting every one of our individual client’s interests while considering the facts at hand.

Our head attorney is also a broker. You can trust his extensive experience to prevent unnecessary consequences following a Real Estate Commission complaint.

We can oversee your case regardless of what action prompted the Real Estate Commission complaint, whether you face disciplinary action for supposedly drafting legal documents without a license, failing to represent your clients with due diligence, omitting important information regarding properties for sale, engaging in conflict-of-interest transactions, or making false promises to encourage other parties to engage in real estate transactions.

Regardless of the complaint made against you, taking prompt action to defend yourself is important if you want to preserve your license and your reputation. Contact us today to discuss the situation with our legal team and to find out what steps to take next.

FAQs About Receiving a Real Estate Commission Complaint

If you receive a brown envelope from the Real Estate Commission, you may have concerns about the future of your career and your ability to maintain your real estate license. Below, we have answered some questions about what happens after you receive a Real Estate Commission complaint and some steps you should take.

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Should you hire an attorney when you receive a brown envelope?

Yes! An attorney familiar with Real Estate Commission complaints can guide you through the process and help you protect your interests as you fight any allegations of fraud, negligence, or improper behavior.

How long do you have to respond to the complaint?

After you receive your brown envelope in the mail, you have 14 days to respond to the complaint. Your response is an opportunity to explain the situation from your perspective.

What happens during the Commission review?

The Real Estate Commission will review your case after you provide your response and defense to the allegations. This process may involve witness interviews, a field investigation, and the examination of any applicable evidence.

What outcomes are possible?

After the Commission reviews your case and all supporting documentation, they will decide whether to dismiss you with a warning, take disciplinary action, or conditionally dismiss your case.

How do I set up a consultation?

If you recently received a brown envelope in the mail, the next step to take is to contact us and set up a consultation. You can contact our office directly to do this by giving us a call.

At The Brown Envelope Attorney, we can help with real estate commission complaints in North Carolina, including Huntersville, Concord, Charlotte, Mooresville, Cornelius, Denver, and Waxhaw.