What is a Real Estate Brown Envelope?

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You check your mail and find a brown envelope from the Real Estate Commission. What does this mean? Most correspondence from the Real Estate Commission’s Regulatory Affairs Division is mailed in brown envelopes when an open investigation is occurring. You may receive a real estate brown envelope when a complaint has been filed against you as a real estate broker or if the Commission has received information about you that they want to investigate.

What is a Real Estate Brown Envelope?

You may feel worried, concerned, and anxious about receiving a real estate brown envelope in the mail, but whatever you do, do not ignore any letters or additional correspondence from the Commission. If you do not respond to an inquiry, you may be subject to harsher disciplinary action than you were originally expected to receive.

Most of the complaints investigated by the Commission every year stem from consumers who believe a licensed real estate broker did something inappropriate or wrong. The Regulatory Affairs Division must investigate every complaint, so even if the allegations against you are false, you will still receive a real estate brown envelope and must cooperate with the investigation.

Receiving a brown envelope in the mail doesn’t mean your career is over, but it could mean your license and reputation are at risk. Contact us at The Brown Envelope Attorney right away after you receive a brown envelope to protect yourself and your interests during the investigation process.